Monica's vision is to build a practice that will guide clients into a more wholistic life style, support their efforts to re-organize their priorities and goals, and strike a healthy balance in their daily lives. She strives, everyday, to achieve balance in her own life and to share her knowledge and experiences with her clients. 


Monica studied Reflexology and became a Practitioner (RAC 2003), High Touch Jin Shin Acupressure (2004) and began her relationship with Reiki in 2004, culminating in Reiki Master 2016. AromaTouch Technique Certification was achieved in 2016, Maternity Reflexology has been added (2017). 


The Beauty of Reflexology and Reiki

Both Reflexology and Reiki work to achieve balance. Your body, mind and spirit strive for homeostasis. Reflexology will work to relax the body, reduce aches and pains, increase circulation, and normalize function without adverse side effects.

Reflexology affects these changes very much on a physical or body level. Reiki creates balance on an energetic and more spiritual level. Essential Oils and Crystals are helpful in supporting balance, as well, and are used as needed. 

Body, Mind and Spirit, interconnected and inseparable. 

Why should you book an appointment right now?

Many people today suffer in silence with aching backs, chronic migraine pain, high blood pressure, sore legs and feet and many other conditions which are becoming far too common. Are you one of these people?  Have you given up trying to find a cure, trying to find help and relief of any kind? Are you aware that living with ongoing pain and health conditions is stressful to your body, and that it can lead to depression, affect your family life, your job performance, and other even more serious health conditions?

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